Top Detached Homes in Mississauga

The Southern Ontario real-estate scene has been experiencing a boom over the past few years. Mississauga is one of South Ontario’s real estate hubs. Initially conceived as Toronto’s suburb, the city has grown to become Canada’s sixth largest city by population. With more than 700,000 inhabitants, the city’s property market has been growing in leaps and bounds. The growth has mainly been stimulated by the need to provide adequate housing to the population. Detached homes are a favorite in the city due to the multicultural population. The following are the top detached homes in Mississauga’s neighborhood.


This neighborhood is located on the southwestern part if Mississauga. It is a major residential hub whose main inhabitants are the middle class. The suburb is dotted with hundreds of detached homes, with typical houses having three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The selling price of the homes averages 420,000 dollars. One of the top detached houses attracting attention in this neighborhood includes a 3 bedroom house on three stories, which is privately owned. It is close to world class amenities such as the Ontario Racquet Club and is being sold by Century 21 Millennium Inc.


This is another middle income suburb of Mississauga. It boasts high end detached homes, which averagely retail at 425,000 dollars. A typical home in this suburb comprises three bedrooms spread on two floors. Most of these housing units have two bathrooms and a properly finished basement. The homes are mostly favored because of their high availability. A detached house in this neighborhood has an average floor area of between 1,200 to 1,500 square feet. The houses are ranked among the top detached homes in Mississauga due to their close proximity to parks and nature trails.


The suburb is quickly establishing itself as one of the city’s favorite neighborhoods. This is attested to by the fact that prices for detached homes have more than doubled over the last 20 months. Average prices have now hit the 420,000 dollar mark. The suburb lies west of Meadowvale. The chic design of most detached homes has made Lisgar a favorite destination for youthful first time buyers. A preview of the properties that are currently being sold reveals that most of them have considerably large gardens and a plinth area that averages 1400 square feet.

Erin Mills

Detached homes in this neighborhood are on high demand. The suburb has been slowly establishing itself as one of the best places to live in Mississauga. Most homes have driveways, gardens and three bedrooms. Growing families prefer the neighborhood because most of the houses that are sold have open layouts. This provides flexibility, functionality and plenty of living space to a growing family.


This is your chance to own some of the top detached homes in Mississauga. The availability of many realtors in the city makes easier for you to check out detached homes that are still on the market. Visiting the websites of MLS companies can similarly help you choose your dream home.

New Construction of Detached Homes in Mississauga

Housing continues to be the main driver of the economy. Statistics show that most modern families prefer living in standalone or free-standing houses as opposed to multi-family dwellings. The nuclear family has taken precedence over the extended family, which explains why there has been a recent rise in the new construction of detached homes.

Inherent Characteristics of Detached Homes

Before constructing a detached home, there is need for you to understand what exactly it is. Most of the detached homes built in North America for instance stand on plots that are larger than the house itself. The area surrounding the house is commonly known as the yard. According to MLS, the popularity that detached homes have gained in modern times is attributed to a sharp rise in living standards, which made it difficult for the extensive family to continue living together. The housing units are commonly found in areas that have low population density, and are inhabited by people with a relatively high income. In most jurisdictions, new construction of detached homes is limited by local area by-laws.

Projects in Select Suburbs

Churchill Meadows

This is a high-end residential neighborhood. There is a lot of new construction for detached homes in this suburb. On average, the homes are sold at 1 million dollars. Most of them have large yards and measure approximately 4,000 square feet. Being a relatively new neighborhood, many of the existing and upcoming residential units have a contemporary design. The suburb has close proximity to major shopping malls, health facilities, transport networks and learning institutions.


This exclusive neighborhood is home to some of the most impressive construction projects. A number of detached houses are under construction. Those that are already in the market sell at an average of 4.5 million dollars. The homes found in the suburb are relatively large. They also have expansive gardens. Developers in the area often pass over the newly constructed houses to realtors such as Todd Lee to manage them.

Port Credit

This suburb hosts a number of projects as far as the new construction of detached homes is concerned. If you wish to buy a newly constructed unit in this neighborhood, you should be prepared to fork out around 1 million dollars. On average, homes have yards measuring 50 by 100 feet. The houses themselves have a plinth area that averages 1700 square feet. You will also pay taxes of around 6,000 dollars when you buy a newly constructed detached house in Port Credit.

Mississauga Valley

This is a middle income residential neighborhood, which has been experiencing a sporadic increase in construction projects. Most detached homes under construction in Mississauga Valley have three bedrooms. Buyers pay an average of 800,000 dollars for a detached home in the suburb. Its closeness to schools, transport facilities, nature trails and parks makes Mississauga one of the best suburbs in the city to raise children from.


Seemingly, the hype surrounding the new construction of detached homes is unlikely to die out. More prospective home owners are taking up the trend, with the situation likely to stay as it is over the next couple of years. With such impressive projects coming up, you should not let the chance of owning a detached house pass you.